Candidate for U.S. House in Ohio's 16th Congressional District

Like millions of Americans and most of the Ohioans across the 16th district, I come from a working-class family, where we lived paycheck-to-paycheck, and one bad day could ruin us for weeks or months to come. I managed to escape that lifestyle and become the first person in my family to graduate from college, getting my B.A. in Physics in 2008 from Miami University, and then my Master's in Physics in 2010 from the same school. It wasn't easy though, due to the rising cost of college and my dad's failing health. And it was made more difficult when I was laid off from my first job and couldn't find stable work for years afterwards. Now, despite finally working a job I love, I am running for Congress, to represent Ohio's 16th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I'm running for office because the people in the 16th District have lacked proper representation in Congress for too long. For years now, our district has been represented by a Congressman and a party that does not share our values or care about them in the slightest. While our state has fallen behind in jobs, economic growth, student loan debt, education, and access to affordable healthcare, Rep. Jim Renacci and the rest of the GOP continue to advance an agenda that hurts every day Americans: hard working, middle class Americans like you and me. They push healthcare bills that will rob millions of health insurance and they push tax credits designed to help themselves while hurting the rest of us. They bust the Unions that have fought for our rights as workers, and they try to divide us with wedge issues.

I'm running for Congress because the issues that affected my family growing up still have a stranglehold on the lower and middle class today, and we need a bold new progressive voice in Congress to fight for and defend the working class.

I am not a lawyer, and I am
not a politician. I am
scientist, and I have fought
my entire life to get to where I am today

In supporting my run for office, you'd be sending a clear message to Congress: we're sick and tired of a Congress willing to trade our livelihoods for campaign contributions. We're sick and tired of unequal representation, and of our districts being drawn by politicians for their own job security. We're sick and tired of being represented by businessmen, lawyers, and politicians out to benefit themselves over their constituents. You would be saying, loud and clear, that it's about time we had a voice in Congress that knows what it's like to come from nothing, and knows what it is like to fight for everything you have. You would be supporting someone who cares about Ohio and Ohioans, someone who wants us to support those who need help the most, and someone who knows first-hand the value of social programs and policies meant to level the field in an increasingly unequal society.

If elected, I will fight tirelessly everyday to represent the working-class Ohioan. I will stand up to corporate interests, and I will always keep an open door to my constituents - no matter which side of the aisle you belong to, or whether or not you cast your vote for me. I am fighting to represent you, the people, not the corporations, and not the donor class. Let's rebuild our Great Society, and reclaim at least this part of Congress in the name of the people.

Ohio's 16th Congressional District is located in the Northern-Central part of the state. It stretches from Wayne County up to parts of Cuyahoga County, including parts of Medina, Portage, Stark and Summit counties. The 16th District has a population of over 700,000 Ohioians.

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